Friday, May 27, 2011

Virtual world steps onto zero ground : The Rising Bihar

Social Networking Site – Good or Bad?

Gone are the days when Internet was only limited to personal chit-chat and sending e-mails or youth just busy exchanging greeting cards and flierting.. we have witnessed so many changes in the trends of using internet and the there was a time when people believed that internet will increase nudaty and other social evils.

Internet for good and for bad? selection is yours. Some youth has proved it that how this medium can bring enthusiastic youth together for revolution, for development and for prosperity. The Rising Bihar famously known as TRB is a group on one of the top social networking site Facebook having more then ten thousand member now determined to solve social issue like education, poverty, dowry, child labor on ground level defeating the prejudice ‘what can be done on internet!’, by setting a example of what is impossible when responsible, enthusiastic youth decides to happen.

“We lives outside bihar but that alone can’t stop me doing some good for bihar.” Reads a comment posted by a member in TRB this shows the commitment and positives of youth of new and emerging bihar.

The home page of TRB ( gives a brief but strong motive of the group.
"TRB is an awakening tale of those young enthusiastic Bihari people, who met each other on internet, at social networking sites like Orkut and facebook. Most of us are living outside our homeland Bihar for our livelihood and career. This was probably the major reason TRB took shape as all of us have had a desire to contribute in the progress of our home state with whatever we can, and from wherever we are! We had started with discussion on orkut on many Bihar related issues. It was the time when we would spend most of our time debating with each other on a social networking site orkut.. After TRB as founded, it was not only a place for chit-chat and argument but we had a vision this time. The vision of our own contributing hands to our developing state. Later, we started this group on facebook as well. In short, one can say that it’s not just a group but a revolution in itself! You all our visitors are more than welcome to join us through out our campaign and spread the message of love & prosperity.”

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